Roy Orbison Returns Show -| with Wiley Ray and the Big O Band
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Roy Orbison Returns Show with

Wiley Ray & The Big O Band

Dwight Harrington - Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals -

 Dwight is a unique guitarist who has played with many local bands and been a staple in the San Luis Opispo area for many years.


Ron Labrie - Keyboards, Vocals -

Ron's honky-tonk style piano and creative ear is a driving force behind Wiley Ray.

Dwight and Ron have been partners and players together in several projects through the years.


Tommy Souza - Percussions -

Tommy's stylish and solid drum insights create a bottom end rythm section more than worthy of this Big O Band project.  Tommy has played professionally since he was young and enjoys nothing more than what he is doing now.


James Stone - Bass Guitar -

James brings a rocker background and a unique bass strain to the Big O Band.  He started out on cello, then played bass guitar in several bands early in his career.  James' many projects include Intrinsic, MadStone, and Onyx.


Amaris Laurette Taylor - Vocals


Rachel Santa Cruz - Vocals


All of the players in the Wiley Ray Big O Band project have been playing for most of their lives and the years of experience tops 100.  It's clean, it's tight, and really does bring a respect and a well rounded fresh look at the music of Roy Orbison, we hope to see you soon.